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Profile And Background.

Weirah Water Well Drilling Co. is one of the most respected water well drilling companies in Somalia . Builders and property owners in Somalia have high praise for our professional, skilled and conscientious people who drill wells and install pumping systems.
Drilling the water well is only one part of a dependable water delivery system for your home or business. Weirah water well drilling co, wants you to be completely satisfied with your water well’s water volume, uniform pressure and overall efficiency. Therefore, we will match the correct pump and pressure tank to your well to assure many years of carefree operation. We are properly equipped to handle any job size.
Our wells and water pumping system installations are unconditionally guaranteed to protect your investment. If a problem with your system does occur, Weirah water well drilling co, service personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide whatever service you may need.

We use modern methods to ensure that all equipment is operated safely and economically while at maximum capacity.

All of our drill crews are staffed by skilled and experienced personnel capable of operating all equipment with good drilling practice. Our engineer and technical consultant is Eng Khalif Adan Warsame who is a well respected drilling expert in all Somali territories with a drilling experience of more than 45 years.

How We Work
We believe that every water well owner should be completely informed on the technical aspects of well construction and the pumping system.
* We believe that it is our responsibility to help you protect your investment by providing the information you need to make a well-informed decision.
* We believe in the ultimate customer service, courtesy and professional expertise.
Competitive Pricing
*We recognize our business is becoming increasingly cost sensitive, so we offer the best possible value for our services. Through experienced personnel and well-maintained modern equipment. we strive to maximize productivity and minimize costly downtime. Each project is thoroughly planned to ensure that the right manpower, equipment, and materials are supplied. We are committed to delivering the results our customers expect at a fair price.
Plant And Equipment:-  

  1. Our rigs are American made, Rotory speedstar SS22 with mud pump of 7½ x 10 and Top head drive Atlas copco T3W Rig.
  2. Speedstar SS22 H Rig with 7½ x 10 Gardener Denver mud pump with 2 Leroi Air Compressor (Currently in Saudi Arabia).
  3. Atlas Copco XRH-350 Air Compressor of 12 Cylinders-25 Bar.
  4. 750 Meters of drill pipes.
  5. Drill collars, Sufficient varieties of Rock bits, Casing and Screen pipes, Sufficient spare parts and drilling tools, Elevators, Saps, Stabilizers and fishing tools .
  6. Heavy duty trailer and Heavy duty 6×6 water tank Actros-Mercedes-Benz with a capacity of 24m³ of  water or 130 barrel capacity .
  7. Heavy duty 6×6 Actro-Mercedes-Benz Boom truck with TADANO Crane 6 tonne capacity.
  8. Heavy duty 4×4 Nissan Diesel water tank 75 barrels capacity .
  9. Two 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers and two 4×4 Pick ups.
  10. Perkins  Generator  50 KVA .
  11. Lester  Generator  50 KVA .
  12. Four collapsible pillow water tanks with a total capacity of 85m³ of  water .

We’ll Drill Any Hole –Anywhere, Any Time!

We’ll Drill Any Hole –Anywhere, Any Time!

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