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Weirah water well drilling company is one of the most respected water well drilling contractors in Somalia, Builders and property owners in our country have high praise for our professional skilled and conscientious people who drill wells and install pumping systems.

Drilling the water well is only one part of a dependable water delivery system for your home or business, Weirah water well drilling company wants you to be completely satisfied with your water well’s water volume, uniform pressure and overall efficiency Therefore, we will match the correct pump and pressure tank to your well to assure many years of carefree operation.

Weirah water well drilling company uses 10 inch 255 mm and 8 inch 203.2 mm plastic wall casing and heavy duty full-length case hardened well seals This material is used to seal off surface contamination and proper installation is the most critical part of the well drilling work .

Our wells and water pumping system installations are unconditionally guaranteed to protect your investment. If a problem with your system does occur, weirah water well drilling service personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide whatever service you may need.

Some of our services are :-

1. drilling works and supervision.
2. hydrological surveys.
3. determination of aquifer characteristics.
4. casing and screen.
5. Fitting of pump installations.
6. sealing of existing bore holes with bentonite mixture.
7. water well monitoring.

We will custom design and install a system that performs best for your particular application.
We have continued to grow and excel in the water well and water systems field by providing highly trained personnel with specialization in all areas of water well drilling and water pump service.
We service all types of pumps, bowls, and motors, We are properly equipped to handle any size job.
our speed star SS-22 rotary rig is the only one of it’s kind in Somalia, which possesses the increased capabilities of drilling.

We feel the drilling procedures developed by us enables the drilling of straight holes in even the most difficult formations.

Safety is another great advantage Our lost time accident rate is among the lowest in our industry.

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